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“Civilianization”, New Favorite of Door/Windows Hardware Market

With rapid development of economy, the price of commodities is increasing, not to mention door and window hardware, so consumers have to buy cheaper ones.
I. The Status of Door and Window Hardware
So many people question why the price of commodities is soaring, but our wage remains unchanged. Just because of this, our income and consumption level are in inverse proportion. Since this year, as the rising cost for raw material and hardware fittings and impacts of house property regulation, many enterprises are stuck in the crisis of survival in the door and window industry. According to statistics from China Index Academy, the economically affordable housing under planning in main cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xi’an and Dalian respectively accounts for 3%, 14%, 2%, 21%, 9%, 15% and 18% of gross real estate market. It is really encouraging for the depressed real estate market and brings new opinions on the development of fatigued door and window in dustry.
II. The Reasons Why “Civilian” Doors and Windows Are Popular
The price of high-end products makes purchase of consumers under pressure, especially for houses newly bought, so many consumers will choose common doors and windows which are considered as civilian and are affordable. Some insiders think the reasons why civilian doors and windows are popular are: first, with the scale-up small housing, economically affordable housing and low-rent housing, the size of doors and windows imposes restrictions on access of medium and high-grade doors and windows; second, many households have low income because of financial crisis, so they prefer cheaper products.
III. Consumers’ Consumption Concept
Consumers always seek for excellent quality but reasonable price when buying products, they are not demanding on appearance, but in comfortable use, the best they considered is energy-saving doors and windows. But some consumers think they can use low-end products if it is austere, and then select high-end products once it is well-off.
From this, there are many reasons to make civilian door and window hardware a favorite in the market. On this ground, some door and window enterprises also carry out corresponding adjustments in products and prices.

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