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Aluminum doors and windows hardware selection principles

For the commitment to the important task of building energy saving windows and doors, how to improve energy efficiency doors and windows, doors and windows industry has become the face of today's research topic. Door and window hardware in the doors and windows system is an important part of the following article for the aluminum alloy doors and windows in the role of windows and doors and matching should be noted that issues to be discussed in the industry to exchange and common progress.
1, doors and windows system What is the system?
A system is a group of things that are interrelated and interrelated. It can also be said that the system is composed of the associated part of the overall. The composition of the unit and the final composition of the overall analysis, a single unit or only concerned about the macro as a whole, is not the system point of view method. System is composed of different elements of the organic whole, the system and the system elements are relatively speaking, in a system is the element of things, at another level can be a system, there is between them between the whole and part Relationship. Door and window hardware system: doors and windows hardware in the usual sense, but the doors and windows of the accessories. Although there are "hardware accessories is the heart of doors and windows," saying, but the reality has not been really attention. Door and window hardware is by the handle (entry "hand" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) components, transmission locking parts, hinge parts, accessories and so on organic combination, matching and integration through the system technology, services Door and window system subsystem. Also need to have a systematic technical support and after-sales service. We can not simply say that a hardware products, can not abandon the separate hardware parts and talk about "doors and windows hardware system" concept. Should establish a systematic concept, a variety of hardware products to make the appropriate planning. In the large "door and window system" framework, profiles, glass, plastic strips, processing technology, and even changes in the way doors and windows, doors and windows are required to make the appropriate changes in hardware to better serve the doors and windows.
2, aluminum alloy doors and windows in the doors and windows in the matching system
Door and window system in considering the hardware matching problem, the first need to have a whole door and window system research and understanding. Especially the size of the design and selection of profiles can be said that there is no good profile to do the cornerstone, what kind of hardware and ultimately do not make good windows and doors. On the profiles and hardware to consider the choice, be careful not to select profiles, and then select the hardware. This situation can sometimes lead to the non-standard profiles and can not find with the use of hardware. Now most of the real estate business will take into account the profiles and hardware with, and then to give a choice. The choice of accessories to consider its versatility and reasonableness, at the same time to consider the production of accessories and material quality. Of course, also has matching, this situation will certainly bring difficulties to the hardware matching.
 Hardware matching, we must first ensure that the doors and windows of the three functions (wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness) and insulation, separated from the door, Heat, sound insulation and other performance requirements. In 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development re-promulgated GB50009-2012 "Code for Structural Loads". The temperature coefficient, the variable load, the contingent load, the permanent load, the wind load height change coefficient and the mountain peak terrain correction coefficient (entry "correction coefficient" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) and so on various parameters to increase and adjust the wind Vibration calculation of the content and methods to do a lot of improvement and improvement. Adjusted the basic snow pressure and basic wind pressure of some cities, and mapped the new national basic snow pressure and basic wind pressure map. Which provides a more detailed theoretical basis for our calculation. In different regions and different environments, doors and windows on the safety requirements of wind pressure is not the same, according to a variety of parameters calculated to determine the location and number of red spots to ensure that the required performance requirements. In general, the more lock points, doors and windows of the wind pressure performance is stronger. At the same time, also consider the configuration of the lock point, only a reasonable choice of doors and windows in the number of points and layout of the circumstances, will make the most effective locking effect. In ensuring the doors and windows under the premise of optimizing the layout of the lock, reducing hardware costs, is the optimal combination.
The number of points on the calculation of the more complex, and recommend a simple calculation of the number of points: Let n a number of lock points; W a width; H a high; Wk a standard wind pressure; a safety factor of 2.5 times Calculation example: a building, the calculation of Wk is 2.2KN / m2, for high 1.2 high, 0.6 m wide window need to lock the number of points: N = 1.2 ×  0.6 × 2.5 × 2.2 / 0.8 ≈ 5 (a) After determining the number of points, you need to select the appropriate hardware category according to the shape of doors and windows profiles (entry "section" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) shape. Different types of hardware, the shape and use of the lock point are not the same, the general will be a flat window hinge or sliding support are regarded as the lock point.
Door and window hardware and profiles: any product, including hardware accessories have its scope, there is no universal hardware accessories can be all the doors and windows profiles. In this regard; according to the customer's requirements and the basic functions of the window carefully selected. On the aluminum (entry "Aluminum" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) alloy doors and windows profiles, the current domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows open sections of the profiles are more standardized, more than 80% are European standard slot profiles, matching up is relatively simple. Outside the open and close windows and doors section profile is more complex, frame fans have slots, box fans are no slot, no slot slotted fan slotted profiles are different slotted profile slot size will change. The aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows of the profiles are more diverse, hook Kai, light Kai, side seal, below, down the size of the profiles of various profiles are not the same manufacturers. Matching to the characteristics of profiles according to the profile as much as possible without destroying the structure and less drilling, installation and adjustment to ensure that doors and windows performance requirements of the principle of matching. Therefore, the choice of metal profiles according to different sections of a specific analysis, a reasonable choice. Through the above analysis, we can door and window hardware selection of a preliminary understanding. China's diversified aluminum market, resulting in the current hardware configuration has its own limitations. (1)) First of all to consider the required doors and windows of the wind pressure performance, airtight (entry "airtight" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) performance and stability of the doors and windows, (3) When there is wind pressure requirements, according to the local wind pressure standard value and the local wind pressure standard value; (3) when the wind pressure requirements, according to the local wind pressure standard value and the local wind pressure standard value; The height of the floor to determine the number of points and the layout of the program to ensure that the doors and windows required for wind pressure performance, air tight performance and stability requirements. (4) to ensure safety: At the same time by the door, window sash width, weight determined factors, to select the hinge (hinge), slide, pulley and other load-bearing components bearing size, size, size and so on.
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