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Into the winter how to maintain broken aluminum windows and doors?

The maintenance of aluminum is a lot of people concerned about the problem, but in the winter how we should maintain aluminum alloy? Why in the winter, the home of the broken aluminum doors and windows in the open or closed when some are not normal? The reason, mostly for the protection of aluminum alloy defect, especially in the winter, due to temperature, humidity and other issues, aluminum alloy easier to present some Small shortcomings.
Into the winter how to maintain broken aluminum windows and doors?
Maintenance of aluminum alloy in different seasons should be noted that things are not the same. In response to this seasonal change caused by changes in aluminum, what aspects need to pay attention to it? Long figure energy-saving aluminum in this to the user a few winter bridge aluminum windows and doors maintenance recommendations, lifting the user in the winter use of broken bridge aluminum Doors and windows of some confusion, so that the home of the broken aluminum doors and windows durable:
1, to pay attention to indoor ventilation is superior to maintain indoor humidity, so that aluminum doors and windows in the broken bridge at normal room temperature.
2, do not often use a hand with a stain or other solution to open the broken aluminum doors and windows, so as not to discoloration. Open the broken aluminum doors and windows or change the door handle, do not force too much, resulting in reduced life of the lock accessories. Hinges, door locks and other mechanical activities of the frequent hardware accessories, there must be tightened tightened immediately.
3, the winter indoor temperature should not be too high (insist on 20 degrees is appropriate), the use of electric heating or other heating equipment, to stay away from the aluminum alloy, so as not to heat deformation.
4, aluminum alloy edges and corners do not often friction, so as not to form edges and corners of the veneer information faded damaged.
5, clean up the appearance of aluminum stains, the Kazakh gas can be used wet, wipe with a soft cloth, stains can be used when too much toothpaste or furniture, special cleaning agent, wipe clean immediately after decontamination.
6, should be scheduled for clean, dust, to prevent corrosion of liquid residues in the aluminum surface.
7, in the use of broken aluminum doors and windows, do not hang heavy items on the door or to prevent sharp items bump, scratch, open or closed doors, do not force too much or open the angle is too large to prevent damage to hardware accessories . Aluminum withstand a summer of "baked" after the test, into the winter is also easy to show all kinds of soil and water. Good moisturizing homework, so that aluminum can have the most suitable humidity and temperature, but also can extend the service life of aluminum doors and windows broken.
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