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How to prevent damage to steel doors and windows hardware accessories

At present, the majority of consumers in the purchase of plastic doors and windows, the doors and windows of plastic hardware knowledge of the lack of accurate judgment. But in the plastic doors and windows, steel doors and windows of the role of hardware accessories is essential to the key components, it can be said that the hardware parts is the highest utilization rate of doors and windows components, its quality is good or bad, the life of the doors and windows, but also directly Affect the quality of doors and windows. Plastic doors and windows hardware damage is generally manifested as: hardware accessories are not fixed, loose off, pulleys, sliding support hinges and other damage, opening and closing is not flexible.
Characteristics of steel doors and windows
1, ventilation (inverted position, excluding the possibility of rain into the room.)
2, security (around the window are firmly on the security and security performance.)
3, easy to clean the windows (simple operation, cleaning the windows, both convenient and safe.)
4, practical (do not take up indoor space, to ensure the effect of sealing and thermal insulation.)
In this case,
How to prevent damage to steel doors and windows hardware accessories
1, the cause of damage to hardware
Hardware accessories poor quality; installation is not strong.
2, the prevention and control of hardware damage measures:
Selection of hardware in line with existing national standards.
Width of more than 1m, set double pulley or rolling pulley.
Sliding hinges are made of stainless steel.
Tighten the screws to install the hardware.
Hardware accessories installed to ensure the correct position, switch flexibility.
Hardware attention to maintenance, to prevent rust corrosion.
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