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German Chain Lock Handle (Quadrate Aluminum Base) German Chain Lock Handle (Zinc Base) English No.2 Chain Lock Handle German No.9 Handle Inward No.22 Handle German No. 5 Handle German No.6-1 Handle Plastic German No. 6 Handle German No.7-1 Handle German No.8-1 Handle Plastic No.3 handle Plastic NO.4 handle with good quality for window casements German handle German No.2 Handle Standard Straight Handle (Zinc Base) Standard straight handle(Aluminum base) No.10 Inward Opening Handles With Plasticaluminum Material Inward NO.11 Handle Outward No.15 handle(zinc&aluminum) Inward No.23 Handle (Plastic Base) Exterior Special No.1 Handle Exterior Special No.2 Handle(Type-r, L) Exterior Special No.3 Handle Exterior special No.6 handle(zinc) Exterior Special No.6 Handle (Aluminum) Exterior Special No.18 Handle (Aluminum) Exterior Special No.7 Handle Exterior Special No.5 Handle Outward No.10 Handle Outward No.14 handle Outward No.14 button handle Outward No.15 button handle(zinc&aluminum) Outward No.16 Handle (Zinc & Aluminum) Outward No.17 handle(zinc) Exterior No. 13 Handle Exterior No.13 chain lock handle UPVC Espag Window Handle Outward No. 23 handle Inline 4 Spindles T-shape Handle Slide Handle Built-in Handle (Buttonhole Handle) No.3 Built-in Handle No. 2 Built-in Handle No.4 built-in handle for sliding door casements No.4-1 Built-in Handle Single-point Handle Small Single-point Handle Single-point High Handle(Type-L, R) Single-point Short Handle Aluminum Single-point Short Handle Single-point No.11 Handle German chain lock twin handles(Round aluminum base) German Twin Handles (Round Aluminum Base) Standard Straight Twin Handles Standard No.2 Twin Handles 2/11 Panel Handle 2/13 Panel Handle 15/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) 16/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) 17/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) 18/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) 19/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) 20/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) 21/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) 22/13 Panel Handle (Aluminum) No.1 Panel Handle 10/16 Panel Handle No.2 Panel Handle No.3 Panel Handle No.9 Panel Handle 10/18 Panel Handle 7/10 panel handle 8/12 panel handle 2/2 Panel Handle 9/14 Panel Handle 1+2/3 Panel Handle 1+2/11 panel handle English High Low Panel Handle 1+10/18 Panel Handle 1/17+10/16 Panel Handle Handle No.1 Handle No.3 Handle No.4 Handle No.6(plastic) Handle No.8 (Aluminum) UPVC Patio Door Handle 14 for Sliding Door UPVC Patio Door Handle 15 For Sliding door UPVC Aluminium Alloy Door Handle 18/29 panel handle white UPVC Zinc Alloy Adjustable Door panel handle White Chrome UPVC Zinc Alloy Door Handle 24/23 Panel Handle White PVD Gold UPVC Zinc Alloy Door Handle 24/21 Panel Handle 92PZ UPVC Aluminium Alloy Door Handle 20/30+20/31 Panel handle White Satin Chrome UPVC Zinc Alloy Door Handle 20/30 Panel handle 92PZ UPVC Espag Window Handle Outward No 26 handle White UPVC Espag Window Handle Outward No 25 handle Inline with Key UPVC Espag Window Handle Outward No 24 handle Aluminium Alloy UPVC Espag Window Handle Outward No. 23 handle Inline 4 Spindles Upvc Safety 1st Lever Sliding Door Handle With Lock on Both Sides

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