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Aluminum alloy casement door/windows

The common aluminum alloy windows in the market are basically eliminated by aluminum alloy heat insulation ones. The structural feature is: frame and sashes of conventional common aluminum alloy window are designed into two parts connected by special heat insulation strips (nylon). This structure will effectively cut off thermal bridge conducted from cold air outside for the purpose of thermal insulation and energy conservation. The product has a wide application in high-grade residential quarters and important buildings in the north, still preferential in the near future. In view of decoration, it can be colorful to select according to your idea and the decorative style of buildings. What is the most prevailing now is PVDF coating on the surface of external aluminum alloy to enhance its antioxidation, but powder coating inside to reduce the cost or wooden transfer spray coating to give window frame wood grain texture. The aluminum alloy heat insulation window is generally provided with (5+12+5) or (6+12+6) hollow glass, and is opened by means of push-pull or side hung, and also side hung tilt-in at a higher level.

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